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You Home Page gives you a snapshot of your Activity Summary such as emails, a list of your Tasks Summary, as well as your Pipeline Summary. You can select any item that is underlined to bring you to the detail of that summary.

From the Home Page you can also Search from Hires, Manage Users, Configure Account, Update Settings, and View & Edit your Account Settings.




Choosing “Search Hires” pulls up a field search where you can search on any of the fields listed below:

You can include any item in your search criteria.

Manage Users

As an Administrator of the account you have the ability to Manage Users. Please note that only Administrators have access to this item.

Here you can select filters from the drop down menu such as Role (Administrator, Recruiter, Hiring Manager) and Status (Active, Inactive)

The Administrator can edit any of the accounts by choosing the edit icon under action for that particular user

  • Administrator: This level is assigned to the person(s) that will have access to all information within ApplicantStack Onboarding.
  • Recruiter: 
    • Can view all Hires, edit Hires and create new Hires
    • Assign other users to Tasks
    • Can view all Tasks, edit Tasks and create new Tasks
    • Can view/edit/create Library items
  • Hiring Manager
    • Can only view Hires where they are assigned as Manager
    • Cannot delete or edit Hires
    • Can view and complete Tasks to which they are assigned
      • This includes entering form task data
    • Can be assigned as the Manager of a Hire (by a Recruiter)

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