Including a Questionnaire Link in an Email Template

When creating an Email Template, you can add a link to a questionnaire in your library. When the candidate clicks the link, and completes the questionnaire, the answers will be saved and linked to the candidate's record.

Follow the steps below to include a link to a questionnaire, in an email template.

Step 1: Get the ID of the Questionnaire

Get the ID of the questionnaire that you want to use by navigating to the questionnaire and copying the ID from the address bar of your browser. The ID will be of the form a7xxxxxxxxxx, and is at the end of the URL as shown here:

Step 2: Enter Merge Code into your Email

Now that you have the ID of the questionnaire, type a special Mail Merge Code into your Email Template which looks like this:


When you are done, your email template should look something like this:

Email Template with Questionnaire Code

Step 3: Verify

It's always a good idea to send a test version to yourself first, to verify that the link is inputted correctly. If correct, the recipient should receive an email that looks something like this:

Received Email

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