Exporting New Hires to a Payroll or HRIS System

You can export New Hire data out of ApplicantStack to import into third-party systems like Payroll or HRIS, by building a Report with the data. Follow these steps to build and export a New Hire Report and export to another system.

Step 1: Build a New Hire Report

Go to the Reports page and create a report showing New Hires in your ApplicantStack system. For detailed instructions on building Reports see the Reporting guide. Here are typical values for a New Hires report.

Name: New Hires

Dataset: Candidates

Type: Detail


  • Job Data: Job Title
  • Job Fields: Department, Location
  • Candidate Fields: (All)
  • Application Actions: Job Offer Accepted Date


  • Candidate Data:Stage Name

Once you are finished, Save the report.

Step 2: View and Set Report Filter

Open the New Hires report you created in Step 1 above. Change the Stage Name filter to Hired to filter the report to show only Hired applicants. Then, click the Set as Default Filter icon to set this filter for the report.

Set as Default Filter

Once you are done, the final report will look something like this:

New Hires Report

Step 3: Export the Report

Click Export CSV to export the report to a CSV (comma-separated value) file. Note that you can also access the Export command from the main Reports page.

Export from Reports Page

CSV is a common text file format that you should be able to import into your third-party system (Payroll, HRIS, etc). Consult the technical support of the third-party system for details on how to import this information into the system.

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