ApplicantStack™ gives you the ability to manage multiple users from a central location including their access to the system, contact information, login credentials and security levels.

User Security Levels

There are three levels of Users in ApplicantStack™. These levels are:

  • Administrators: This level is assigned to the person in Human Resources that sets up ApplicantStack™ and is responsible for all the settings for the Organizations account. The Administrator level is able to perform any action in the system.
  • Recruiter: With this level the assigned user is able to perform any action in the system except for the setup. This level is used for both internal and external Recruiters of the Organization. Recruiters have access to all Candidates and all Jobs. They must still be set as Job Owners to receive notifications about a job or candidate’s stage change.
  • Hiring Manager: Assign this level to the employees or customers who are responsible for hiring for jobs and are involved in reviewing and moving candidates through the application process. This level allows you to limit the users to only candidates and jobs in which they are the hiring managers.

The following grid illustrates the access levels available for User(s) in the system. The permissions listed are granted when assigning the Security Level to a User:

You assign these levels when you create or edit a user.

User Management

ApplicantStack™ makes user management easy by providing a central area to manage logins, contact information, and access levels. To access the User Manager click Setup in the top right corner. Click Users on the left side menu. This opens up the User Manager.

User Manager

The User Manager grid contains the following information:

  • Name: The user’s name.
  • Email: The user’s email address. This is the address that is used by the ApplicantStack™ system for all correspondence.
  • Role: The security level of the user.
  • Status: This shows whether the user is active in the ApplicantStack™ system. An inactive user is unable to log in to the system.
  • Actions: Provides buttons to edit or delete the user.

Using the User Manager you can add, edit or delete users.

Adding Users

To add a user, click the New User button on the right side menu.

Adding a new user

There are ten fields in the Add User screen. These are as follows:

  • Username: The user’s unique Username.
  • Password: This is the initial password that the user will use to sign in to your ApplicantStack™ account. This password must be at least 6 characters long and can be changed by the user.
  • Confirm Password: Reenter the user’s initial password.
  • Prompt user to change password: Check this if you want the user to change their password after their initial login.
  • Send user an email with login instructions: Checking this will send an email to the user with login instructions such as the username, password, and link to your account’s login page.
  • Name: Enter the user’s full name here. If an email is sent using this user account, this field appears in the **From** field.
  • Email Address: This is the user’s email address and this address will be used for all system correspondence. If you use this user account to send email, then the recipients will reply back to this address.
  • Timezone: Enter the user’s timezone from the dropdown list. This will be used for the display of all system dates and times.
  • Security Level: This determines what the user can do in the system. Select the appropriate level from the dropdown list. For more information, see the **User Security Levels** section above.
  • Notification: Use the dropdown list to set email notifications to on or off.

Once you have finished entering your new user, click Save.

Editing a User

If you need to edit a user, click its edit user icon in the Actioncolumn. This will take you to the Edit User screen, where you can change any of the options that you set when you created the user. There is also an additional option that can be changed and that is the user’s Status. This field is a dropdown list that allows you to set the status between Active and Inactive. Choose Active if you want the user to be able to access your ApplicantStack™ account. Choose Inactive if you do not need the user to access the ApplicantStack™ account.

Edit User screen

Once you are finished with your edits, click Save.

Deleting a User

If you need to remove a user completely from the system, you can select the checkbox by the user and click the delete button on the right side menu. Otherwise you can click that user’s delect icon (the red X) in the actions column. Using either method removes the user completely from your ApplicantStack™ account. If there is a possibility that you think the user may need access in the future, select their Edit icon and change their status to inactive.

It is a good practice to set the user’s status to Inactive in case you may need them to have access in the future. If the user has left your organization or you know for certain that they will no longer need access, then you can delete them.

Deleting a User



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