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Welcome to ApplicantStack™! ApplicantStack is an easy to use and affordable Applicant Tracking System designed for any size organization. We are proud to say that our customers can log on and get started using the product in their first sitting. The Hiring Manager’s Guide will take you through the core features and benefits of ApplicantStack™ and illustrate how they can be used during the hiring process.

As a hiring manager in the ApplicantStack™ Product, your company or recruiting firm wants you to be able to access candidate information, document information regarding the candidate, and move the candidate through the hiring workflow process.


The administrator of ApplicantStack™ sets up users in the system. Users, depending on their configuration of the system, will receive log in information either from the administrator directly or via an automatic email.

The email will provide the website URL, username and password.

By selecting the URL from the email, you will be presented with the login screen and prompted to enter the username and password information:

It is likely that the administrator has set up the system to prompt you to change your password the first time that you login to the system. In that case, you are presented with the following screen to change your password:

Select submit and you will be brought to the home page.

Home Page

The home page is command central allowing you to view activities, navigate the system, and perform certain tasks directly from the navigation menu.

Activity Summary displays new emails or account notifications.

The Pipeline Summary displays jobs, number of candidates, and candidate status.

1.) Any Job where you are indicated as a Hiring Manager will display under the Job column. By selecting the Job Name link, you are brought to the Job Tab and the Job Summary page.

2.) Under the Manager Review column, the number of Candidates that have been submitted to you to review will display. Click on the underlined number and you will be brought to the Candidate tab and the Candidates will display. Clicking any of the columns will also bring you to the Candidate tab, with the correct filter (status) applied.

3.) Selecting the Total Active link will also be bring you to the Candidate tab, where all candidates associated with all jobs (where you are the Hiring Manager) will display.

Candidate Tab

The Candidate Tab provides a complete view of all the Candidates that you, as a Hiring Manager, have access to. This candidate list will include any candidate that is associated with job(s) in the system where you are indicated as the Hiring Manager and they are in a stage where you are the owner.

Candidate List Columns The available fields provide a quick view of candidate information. Click each column name to sort by that field.

The default list of columns is as follows:

  • Name: Name of the candidate. It also contains the city and state of the candidate.
  • R: This stands for Resume. You can hover over the icon and if they have submitted a resume, a preview will be generated for you.
  • Job: The name of the job and job id that the candidate applied for.
  • Source: Where the candidate heard about the job from.
  • Rating: Rating that is assigned based on qualifications of the candidate.
  • Disposition: Items can be assigned designating whether the candidate has insufficient experience, insufficient education, or poor interview performance among many others.
  • Created: Date candidate was created in the system.
  • Last Modified: Last date that the candidate had their record modified.
  • Score: Score candidate received based on their answers to a questionnaire(s). If no score is calculated then N/A will appear. If the candidate has been indicated as a Knockout, KO will appear.
  • Stage: The current stage that the candidate occupies.
  • Actions: From here you can open the candidate detail record.

Source and Rating are standard application fields, but your organization may have additional application fields configured. In that case, those additional fields may also display on this grid.

Candidate List Navigation Menu

From the Candidate Tab, you are able to perform many actions by selecting a single candidate, or multiple candidates, and then an item on the Navigation Menu.

Most important to your work with Candidates is the ability to Add Note and Set field values.

To Add a Note to a Candidate’s record, first select the Candidate from the list and click Add Note from the Navigation Menu. You will be presented with a pop-up to enter information:

To set values for Candidate fields, you again select the Candidate from the list and choose the Field from the Navigation Menu that you want to change or value. In this example, the Candidate Rating is being changed:

In your system you may have different (or additional) fields that can be valued or edited by you.

Reviewing Candidates

To view the candidate’s details, select the candidate’s underlined name, to access the Candidate Summary and Tabs:

Here you have access to all candidate information; resume, answers to any questionnaires, feedback, workflow, tasks and the history of the candidate, in the ApplicantStack system.

When you have completed your review of the candidate, you are able to select a Candidate Action. These action buttons will vary depending on your company’s configuration, but prompt you to send the Candidate to the next step in the process.

When you select the desired action button, the candidate will move to the next corresponding stage.

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