Importing Emails

If you receive resumes from applicants via email, it is easy to import these resumes into your ApplicantStack account. Follow the steps below to forward an email from an applicant into your ApplicantStack account.

First, login to your account, go to the Home tab, and click the Upload Emails command on the right menu. Then, select a Job from the list where you would like the resume(s) to go. The Job list shows Open jobs in your account. If you have not yet created any jobs, or none of your jobs are open, you will first need to create and open a job.

When you click a job, it should open up a new email, which is addressed to a special recruiter email address for your account.

You may attach, to this email, each email that you would like to import into ApplicantStack. The method to attach an email will depend on which email client you are using. For Microsoft Outlook®, you should be able to click the Attach Item command, and then select emails from your inbox. For other email clients, please consult the user manual, to attach an email to another email. Although it is acceptable to do so here, the preferred method to upload actual resumes is Upload Resumes (on the right hand command menu).

Once all emails and/or resumes are attached, click Send to send the email to ApplicantStack.

Note that there is no limit to the number of emails/resumes that can be attached to an email when it's imported from ApplicantStack, but your ISP may impose a limit on the size of an email that you can send. Also, if an email is very large, it may take longer to reach our server. For that reason we recommend importing no more than 20 emails/resumes at a time through the email method.

It may take a few minutes for the email to reach our server, but once it does, ApplicantStack will create a candidate record from each email or resume.

The following are the rules that ApplicantStack uses, when importing candidates from email, using this method:

  1. Each attachment (whether an email or resume) will result in 1 new candidate record in your database.
  2. For resumes, ApplicantStack will read the resume and populate the contact information (name, address, phone, email) of the record, from the content of the email.
  3. For emails that have attachments, ApplicantStack will use the body of the email as the cover letter and add the attachments (including resume) to the record.
  4. For emails without attachments, ApplicantStack will use the body of the email as the resume, and the cover letter will be blank.
  5. For all emails, ApplicantStack will use the email address of the email sender as the candidate email, and then pull the rest of the contact information (name, address, phone) from the resume.
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