Gathering Candidate Feedback from Hiring Managers

Using ApplicantStack™ you can request feedback from Hiring Managers and other stakeholders to facilitate a collaborative review of Candidates. Feedback can be simple comments or more structured with a questionnaire. All feedback for a candidate is stored with their candidate record and can be viewed on their Feedback tab.

There are three ways to solicit feedback for a Candidate:

Create a Candidate Review Task

In most scenarios the preferred way to solicit feedback from a user on a candidate is to create a new Candidate Review Task by clicking Create Task for the candidate. Note that you can do this for a single candidate or select multiple candidates from the table at once. Clicking Create Task brings up the Create Task screen where you can fill in the task details, set up automatic email reminders to the user, and optionally select a Questionnaire to include as part of the feedback request.

Create Task

When you click Submit the assigned user(s) will receive an email which contains the task details and a link to complete the task.

New Task Email

When the user clicks the link in the email they will be taken to the View Task page where they can view all the candidate information and at the bottom submit feedback for the candidate.

View Candidate Task

For more details on creating a Candidate Review task see the Tasks and Events Section Guide.

Forward a Candidate via Email

You can use the Forward to User command to solicit feedback about a candidate from a user of your system. On the Forward to User page, you can enter a Message and optionally can include a Questionnaire from your Library for the user to fill out as part of their feedback.

If you attach a Questionnaire, the User is provided with links to fill out the Questionnaire as well as the Candidate's information within the Email.

The User can then complete the Questionnaire by selecting the link in the email

Enter Candidate Feedback from the Feedback Tab

Users who have a login to your system can also enter candidate feedback by going directly to the Feedback Tab for the candidate and selecting the appropriate Questionnaire from your Library:

View all Candidate Feedback

Regardless of which mechanism is used to collect candidate feedback, the feedback is displayed on the Feedback Tab of the candidate record.

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