New Features and Product Updates

NEW! Candidates can now refer your job to a friend - Recruit (2/17/17)

At the bottom of every Apply page candidates will now have the option to “Refer to a Friend”:

Once they select that option they will need to complete the following form and an email is generated to the friend letting them know about the job:


You can now show search filters on your job board -Recruit (1/31/17)

Any Administrator can set up this functionality via Setup-->Job Boards -->Edit Settings [for Public or Private Job Board] here:

Job Fields set to Show on Job Board, will show as filters. (Supported field types: Text, Pick List, and MultiSelect Fields).

Here is an example where Job Title and Department are set as public (show on job board) fields:


You can now archive completed forms in Onboarding - Onboarding (1/27/17)

Any Administrator or Recruiter can now easily archive all completed forms and then reassign duplicate forms to the Hire/User.  See Archive Forms for more details.

You can now add a logo to your Onboarding Hire Portal - Onboarding (1/27/17)

Any Administrator can go to the company settings page and choose "Edit Settings" within your Onboarding module:


And easily add a logo by choosing a file (Note: Only file types of ".jpg", ".gif", or ".png" are allowed) as well as choose the alignment here:


State and Federal forms have been updated for 2017 - Onboarding (1/19/17)

Any Administrator of your Onboarding account can retrieve the 2017 State and Federal Tax forms via the Onboarding Library, then by selecting "Import Forms":

Then choose the appropriate library here:


Make your selection(s) and choose "Import":


Once added to your library, simply select the previous versions and then choose "Archive":


NOTE: Any checklists must be updated with the new versions of the forms.  

The ability to add media such as YouTube & Vimeo videos, Google Maps, Slideshare, Twitter and many others - Recruiting & Onboarding (1/19/17)

You can now add videos and other embedded media into Job listings (Recruit) and into tasks (Onboard).

Choose the following links for more information:

The ability to set a closing date and time for a Job - Recruiting (1/10/17)

You can now set a closing date and time for a particular job by editing an existing job (not when creating a new job) and adding the date, time, and stage in the job workflow section here:As you can see above you can add a Closing Date & Time as well as the stage the job will move to once the job is closed.  It will remove the job from your Public Job board so that candidates can no longer apply.  It can take up to 24 hours for the jobs to be removed from the 3rd party job boards.


The ability to set Hiring Mangers and/or Job Owners from the Job View table– Recruiting (1/5/17)

You can now easily select multiple jobs from the Job View Table and set the Hiring Manger and/or Job Owner:


For accounts with multiple users this will either be a dropdown list or a Multi-select list as shown here:

Add Checklist from the Hire detail page for multiple hires at once – Onboarding (12/23/16)

We have added the Checklist option on the Hires detail page so you can add a checklist to multiple hires at once. See Hires Tab for more details. 

Multiple Application and Job Workflows – Recruiting (12/20/16)

You now have the ability to create multiple workflows for both application and jobs. See Configuration Guide: Application Workflows and see Configurations Guide: Job Workflows for more details. 

ZipRecruiter Integration – Recruiting (12/20/16)

Announcing ZipRecruiter integrations. You can now easily link your existing ZipRecruiter account to ApplicantStack and launch job(s) directly to ZipRecruiter. See Posting your Jobs to ZipRecruiter for more information. 

Job Requisition Approval - Recruiting (11/18/2016)

Please Note: The Job Requisition Approval functionality must be enabled by the Administrator through Settings. 

This feature will provide customers the ability to automate, track and manage their job requisition process via ApplicantStack.  Hiring Managers can create a job requisition and begin the approval process automatically with one simple click. 

For more information on the Job Requisition Approval functionality please see Job Requisition Approval

 Product Enhancements - Recruiting (11/18/2016)


In Users Section, we have now included a Title field:



In Edit Fields (Jobs, Candidates, Application Fields) the form has been reorganized with sections, the Picklist type has been renamed to Dropdown and there are two new types - Radio Buttons and Checkboxes.



Note: that the Radio Buttons and Checkboxes type is also available for Candidate and Application fields, and can be shown on the job board if you choose to make it public.  Also, when creating a new field you can now add the field options directly on the Add Field screen.


In the Library, the Listing Templates have been renamed to Job Templates and now include job fields as well as the job description.

When you click Create Job there is now a popup asking if you want to start from a template (i.e. job template) or from scratch.

The Add Job page now includes a Job Description section, which will populate the Listing tab for the job.

The Job Summary tab has been slightly modified with headings and alignment change (in order to better show requisition information if enabled).


Improved Hire Details page - Onboarding (10/18/2016)

We created a new and improved Hire detail page to add visual clarity to the tasks required to Onboard a new employee.


Please see This Article for more details.

We also streamlined the Hire Workflow action buttons, if you have 4 or more Workflow Actions, they will be grouped together via a dropdown menu:


Streamlined Job Details page - Recruit

We have made some changes to the Job Details page in Recruit. This was made to be more consistent with the Candidates Details and provides access to all of the job action buttons while viewing the job details, regardless of what tab you are on as well as gives access to the action buttons from any sub tab in job details.

The changes are:

  1. Show a common right action menu for all tabs.
  2. The workflow buttons have been moved out of the workflow tab to the top right of the screen.
  3. Specific tab action buttons are have been moved from their previous menu to underneath the sub tabs for that particular tab.

Mark Multiple Tasks Complete - Onboarding

We have added the capability to mark multiple tasks as complete.  To do this go to your tasks tab and select the tasks that you want to complete by checking the box by their name.  Note that you cannot select form tasks for this feature.  Once you have selected the tasks you need, click "Complete Task" on the right side menu to mark these tasks as complete.

Mail Merge Documents - Recruit

We are happy to introduce a new feature to ApplicantStack Recruit.  Today we released our Mail Merge Documents feature and we think you are going to enjoy it.  The new feature will allow you to create a document template in your library that will allow you to use merge codes that are found in email templates as well as create merge fields that can be inserted into the body of the document and filled in during run time creating a pdf for your selected candidate.  This pdf can be attached to an email to send to your candidate utilizing our email candidate feature.  For more information, please see our library help guide at

Update to Multiselect Fields - Recruiting & Onboarding

There are some advantages to the new multiselect - you can search/select items by typing in the name, it shows all the selections (expands vertically if needed), it's easier to select small sets of items and remove items. When selecting multiple items, hold the Ctrl (Cmd on a Mac) while making your selection so the dropdown will stay open.
Multiselect with Instructions GIF

Task Reminders (6/15/16) - Onboarding

You are now able to set Task reminders in Onboarding.
Via the Library Tab / Tasks:

As well as in the Hire Detail page for a Form:

Task reminders can be set to go out every day or 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and/or 7 days.

Employee Referral Page (03/22/16) - Recruit

We have added a page that your employees or others can access to submit candidates to your posted jobs. The Referral page can be turned on by clicking setup, then job board settings, and then edit settings for the public job board. Select the Allow Referrals dropdown to “yes” to enable the page. The link to the Referral Page is included in the field description. All you will need to do is post the link in your employee portal or some other location. Once posted, your employees are ready to submit candidates to your positions. Note that your positions must be posted to your public job board. You are able to track employee referrals under the Candidates Tab via the “Referred By” column on your Candidates Table.

Supporting Documents (02/29/16) - Onboarding

We changed the Document Manager to Supporting Documents, added a description for the section as well as allowed multiple files to be uploaded at once instead of each file being uploaded individually. You can see this change in the Library, Hire Detail page, as well as the Hire Portal.

Please note that the Supporting Document sections is hidden on the Hire Portal if there are no documents for the hire to view.

Autofill for Questionnaires (01/14/16)

We have released Autofill options for Questionnaires for ApplicantStack Recruit. This will allow clients to generate questionnaires in Recruiting that have information from the candidate and/or job prefilled, saving time by eliminating the need for the candidate or hiring manager to input information that has previously been supplied. With this feature you can create prefilled background check forms, reference check forms, and more.

To work with this feature, open ApplicantStack, click the library tab, then questionnaires. Find the questionnaire that you wish to prefill and click edit. Click the edit icon in the Actions column for the question that you wish to enable autofill and select the type of autofill you want to use in the Autofill drop down. You have choices of the following:

  • General – includes current date and time
  • Merge Code – operates in the same manner as merge codes for email templates. The user can select from a list of merge codes and can include multiple merge codes in a single field.
  • Application Field – all application fields regardless of private or public
  • Candidate Field – all candidate fields regardless of private or public
  • Job Field – all job fields regardless of private or public
  • Questionnaire – any questionnaires that have been previously filled out by the candidate or as feedback by the hiring manager

Alphabetize any Pick List or Select Many List using the “Alphabetize Options” (11/10/15)

When working with Pick Lists’ or Select Many Lists’ (lists that have a dropdown of multiple options) from the Configure menu you now have the option to alphabetize the list in one easy step:

The result:

Option to choose who will complete the questionnaire, either the candidate or the ApplicantStack™ user. (09/21/2015)

When creating new questionnaires in ApplicantStack™, you now have the ability to determine who will complete the questionnaire.

Select “Candidates” if this questionnaire will be filled out by Candidates, or “Users” if this questionnaire will be filled out by Users (i.e. feedback). As always, the answers to the questionnaire will go to the “Answers” tab if it is filled out by the Candidate, and the User feedback will go to the “Feedback” tab.

Expanded Automatic Email Trigger Options (08/14/2015)

One of the popular features of ApplicantStack is the ability to send triggered emails to a candidate when a candidate changes stages. We've improved on this feature and you can now set specific versions of an email to trigger at different points in the workflow. For example you may have a specific Not Interested email you wish to use after a candidate fails an Interview, but previously you were limited to the Not Interested email that was sent no matter what stage the candidate was in the workflow process. Now you can set your specific email to trigger when the candidate is in the Interview stage and you want them to be sent to Do Not Pursue by setting a Start Stage as well as a Trigger Stage.

Event Invites to Candidates (08/12/2015)

When you schedule an event for a candidate, an email is sent to the users in your account that are attending the event, but the candidate did not receive an email about the event. Now your candidates can also receive email invites to events that you create and schedule in ApplicantStack. These emails also come with an .ics attachment that the candidate can use to save the date in their preferred email client. When you create an event you can make sure the candidate receives an invite by clicking the check box labeled Include Invite to Candidate(s). If you do not want them to receive an invite, you can leave the check box blank.

Time in Stage For Hired Candidates (07/29/2015)

We have a new addition to ApplicantStack’s reporting suite called Time in Stage For Hired Candidates. This report calculates each hired candidate’s time in a particular stage and displays them in a graphical format. The new report will give you a better idea of how much time candidates are spending in each stage of your workflow and where potential bottlenecks may be occurring. You can find the Time in Stage For Hired Candidates report under the reports tab. To run the report, click its link and then select a time frame for the Date Hired. Once you have selected the time frame, click Go.

3rd Party Job Board Integrations (07/22/2015)

ApplicantStack offers free integrations with free job posting sites, and LinkedIn Limited Postings. The integrations are automatically activated in your account and you can choose which jobs you want to post these sites.

ApplicantStack – Stackoverflow Careers Integration (06/10/2015)

Stackoverflow is the most active community of software developers on the Internet. ApplicantStack and Stackoverflow have now integrated allowing you access to this pool of software developers by posting your job listings to Stackoverflow Careers. The integration requires customers to have a paid Stackoverflow account. If you do not have a paid Stackoverflow account, you can get more information by clicking the following link:

Once your account has been setup with Stackoverflow Careers, they will provide you with an API Authorization Code that you will need to setup in your ApplicantStack account.

Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox (6/05/2015).

We are happy to announce that ApplicantStack has integrated with cloud based services Google Drive and Dropbox. Now when an applicant applies to your organization, they have the option to upload a resume that is stored with either of these services. This is especially useful for mobile applicants as they often do not or cannot have a resume or other document(s) stored on their mobile devices. This feature has been automatically enabled, so you can start accepting resumes and other attachments stored with these services. If you have any questions, please contact

Indeed Apply Integration with ApplicantStack (4/23/2015).

ApplicantStack has added the capability for applicants to apply with their Indeed profile using Indeed Apply. By enabling this feature, you allow your applicants to apply to your position anywhere from any device. To enable this feature, click setup in the top right of your ApplicantStack screen, then click job boards, then click Edit Settings for your Indeed job board. Make sure your Indeed job board is set to active and change the drop down labeled Allow Indeed Apply from no to “Mobile Only” or “Always (Desktop and Mobile) and click Save. When applicants access your job posting they will see the following screen:
Clicking Apply With Indeed will present the following:


To apply with their resume, the applicant will need to sign in to their Indeed profile or if they do not have an Indeed profile, they can create one.. For more information about Indeed Apply, see click here. Integration (Released 03/26/2015)

ApplicantStack is excited to announce the ability to post to through your job’s Launch Tab. To start using this new feature you will need a paid posting account. Click setup in the top right corner and then click job boards. Click Edit Settings for the job board. Switch it’s status to Active, enter in your Group ID, then enter your username and password for your batch posting account.

Next click the job you want to launch to by clicking the Jobs Tab, then clicking the job’s name. Next click the job’s launch tab and click Post Job for your account (located under Third Party Job Boards). Fill out the fields and click submit.

Adding Job Fields to the Candidate’s Table (Released 3/3/2015)

You can now add job fields to your candidate’s table located under the Candidates Tab. This allows you to sort and search by custom job fields you create like division, department, salary, etc. To add a job field to the candidate’s table, click setup in the top right of the screen, then configure on the left and then click Configure Job Fields. Click the edit icon for the field you want to add to the candidate’s table and set the field labeled Show on Candidate Table to “Yes” and click save.

Field Descriptions and Candidate Search (Released 12/15/2014)

Happy Holidays from the ApplicantStack team! We have added the ability for you to include field descriptions beneath candidate and application fields. This will help with long names or those specific instructions you may want to include with a particular field (like email or phone). Here’s how to set it up:

Click Setup -> Configure -> Configure Candidate Fields (or Configure Application Fields) -> then click the edit icon under the Actions column for the field you need. Enter your text into the field labeled “Job Board Description” and your text will appear like below:

We have also added a candidate search field to assist you in locating candidates quickly. The field is available at the top of the candidate’s tab. To utilize this new, powerful feature - simply click inside the field and start typing. Candidates will appear in a dropdown based on the combination of letters that you typed in the field. For example, you can start typing “mich,” every candidate with these letters in either their first or last name will populate the list. Click the candidate in the list that you want and you will be taken directly to their candidate record.

Any questions, please reach out to your account manager for support.

Additional Report Options (Released 10/10/2014)

We have added additional options for reports. You can now set default filters for common items that you filter upon, create charts, and reorder the column headers as well as select multiple options in filters on the report screen. See our User Guide: Reports for more details.

Additional Questionnaire Actions (Released 9/4/2014).

We have added additional actions for questionnaires. In addition to email actions, you can now have an applicant's stage automatically change when they submit a questionnaire. You can also set emails to be sent when a candidate answers a particular questionnaire, such as a thank you email, next steps email or a specialized email depending on the job that the applicant has applied.

Email Signatures (Released 7/10/2014).

Email signatures have been made available within ApplicantStack. Each user may have their own signature with images as well as a system signature for the whole account. User can create and edit their signature by clicking on “My Account”. You can create and edit the system signature in the Edit Settings screen located under Setup.

When you send an email, you will see a signature box below the message text box, which will show you the signature that will be sent with the email(s).

Questionnaire Email Actions now available (Released 4/23/2014).

Questionnaire Email Actions provide your ApplicantStack questionnaires with added functionality allowing you to add an email action to a questionnaire. This action will send an email upon submission of the questionnaire. For example you can add this action to your Application for Employment and it will send an email template that you choose to any of the applicant’s references upon submission. You can use this feature to email referral questionnaires or requests for letters of recommendations to an applicant’s references further automating the hiring process.

File Upload now available for Questionnaires (Released 3/25/2014).

We have released a new File Upload option for questionnaires. If you need to include a file upload in your questionnaire, you can navigate to your Library Tab, then click Questionnaires on the left menu. Next find the questionnaire that you will to add the file upload and click its Edit Icon. Click the Add Question button and select File from the drop down menu. Give the upload a name and save the questionnaire.

ApplicantStack Releases API for Developers (Released December 10, 2013)

ApplicantStack has released its Application Programming Interface (API) for Developers, which provides a way to build easy and secure integrations between ApplicantStack and other third-party and / or corporate systems. The ApplicantStack API will give your IT group the tool it needs to integrate your ApplicantStack account with your corporate payroll system or HRIS. The API uses a REST interface with JSON as the input and output and can be accessed using GET commands to read data and PUT commands to update it. For more information on how to use the API see our knowledge base article here.

Integration with Glassdoor (Released September 30, 2013)

ApplicantStack now offers free integration with free job posting site If you post your jobs to, then you will automatically post to Glassdoor and need do nothing on your end. If an applicant submits an application for a job that was posted from, his/her source will automatically set itself to Glassdoor.

Email Delay Feature (Released August 9, 2013)

ApplicantStack now features the capability to delay an email from 1 to 7 days after its creation. You now have the capability to set a delay on an email that is created under the options Email Candidate and Forward to User. You may also set this delay on any emails generated during a stage change through the stage change dialog or by putting a delay in any of the email templates in the library. Once you have delayed the email, you can view it in the candidate’s history tab. From here you can see when the email will send as well elect to either send the email now or delete it.

Show On Table property for Fields (Released May 20, 2013)

Show On Table property

In the Configuration for Job, Candidate and Application fields there is a new property which sets whether the field is included in the Jobs / Candidates table. This new property allows you to clean up the table view to only show key job and candidate information, especially if you use a lot of fields in your account.

Stage Change Confirmation Dialog (Released May 10, 2013)

Stage Change Dialog

There is now a Stage Change Confirmation dialog when you change the stage of a candidate. This dialog can be enabled / disabled from account settings. In addition to prompting for confirmation before changing a candidate's stage, this new function also allows for additional automation and control:

  • Prompt users to enter field values when they change stage, e.g. Disposition Reason
  • Provide a space for the user to add a Note regarding the candidate
  • Show which Emails and Notifications will go out due to this stage change, with the ability to suppress or add emails and notifications.

Context in Keyword Search Results (Released March 25, 2013)

Context in Keyword Search Results

When you do a keyword search of candidate resumes and/or cover letter, the results page now shows a snippet of the matched text so you can see the context of the search to help determine if it is a good match. For example, if you search for "engineer" it is helpful to know if the candidate has been an Engineer at a previous job or if they just worked for a company with Engineer in the job name.

Email Mail Merge Code Editor (Released March 14, 2013)

Email Mail Merge Codes

We've made it easier to add Mail Merge Codes to your email templates by providing an list of all available codes and one-click ability to add a code to your email template. Check out all the available merge codes by clicking Insert Mail Merge Codes in the Email Template Editor.

Change to SimplyHired Sponsored Posting (Released March 1, 2013)

We've changed the sponsored posting option for SimplyHired based on feedback from SimplyHired and our customers. Previously SimplyHired premium posting was $175 for 30-days premium placement on SimplyHired plus their partner network. Now the premium posting option is $65 for 30-days premium placement on SimplyHired without the partner network.

Older Changes

** 10/18/2012 - Reorder fields/options/stages/actions using drag-drop

** 10/4/2012 - Employment Application setting in Job Board Settings

** 10/2/2012 - Ability to edit the system EEOC form

** 9/12/2012 - Added ability to sponsor postings on SimplyHired and Indeed

** 6/29/2012 - Changed default skin and added ability for user to upload a logo and specify a Return URL (i.e. website)

** 3/12/2012 - Launched new Tasks and Event Management functionality

** 12/9/2011 - Function for setting a Job/Candidate/Application Field to Recruiter Only

** 10/14/2011 - Ability to make a note Private

** 10/11/2011 - Function to Archive questionnaires in library

** 9/19/2011 - Add/Edit Job application attachments (i.e. Writing samples, etc) - Changed titles for Listing and Questions tabs (Job Description and Job Apply) - Make this the Resume function on AppDetails - Update the Last Modified date when add a new Note or new Submission

** 9/6/2011 - Edit Settings on Job Board setup page - Moved Settings / Messages pages to new Job Board setup page

** 8/22/2011 - Changed Pipeline Summary on Home tab to include all Active jobs (not just open) and show Total Active - Changed My Open Jobs filter on Candidates tab to My Active Jobs

** 8/15/2011 - New Job Boards setup section - Ability to set a unique Source for social media posting

** 8/12/2011 - When Questions->Add From Library, ability to Copy rather than Share the questionnaire

** 8/5/2011 - Split Name into First Name / Last Name / Middle Name fields - Ability to change System Type when configure fields

** 7/4/2011 - Changed HTML editor to fix some quirks, force paste as text

** 6/24/2011 - New Setting option - Allow Duplicates

** 6/20/2011 - Launched Social Media posting functionality - Jobs no longer need to be Open to post to job board

** 6/2/2011 - New options for Questionnaire builder - Label question type, Side-by-side display and Horizontal options

** 5/20/11 - New Field Type - Select Many - In Seach screen (Jobs and Candidates), can now select multiple field values

** 5/10/11 - Added function where applicant's last application is pre-filled if they apply for a new job - Added log out from job board

** 5/5/11 - Changed Add Field Options screen to allow multiple options to be added at once - Added Email Resumes command to right sidebar of Candidates page - Changed "Set [Field]" commands for picklist fields so they use dropdowns rather than discrete list, i.e. to support scenarios where they are a lot of drop-down values

** 4/27/11 - Added new report fields: Candidate.History and Candidate.Notes

** 4/19/11 - Function to show/hide columns in Jobs and Candidates table

** 4/12/11 - Fixed issue where file attachments are cleared out when form posts back with validation error

** 4/4/11 - Ability to have mail merge codes in email templates

** 4/1/11 - Added auto posting to Indeed, SimplyHired

** 3/30/11 - Add zip code radius search

** 3/2/11 - Added new Feedback dataset to reports

** 2/18/11 - Show scoring breakdown (questionnaire and questions) - Questionnaire Score now available in reports

** 2/4/11 - Launched new Forward Feedback functionality - Changed email format to remove header, show sent from name in From

** 1/14/11 - Messages page for customizing system messages

** 1/12/11 - Setting Job Board Login now has options "Yes, No Edit" and "Yes, Allow Edit"

** 1/11/11 - Allowed Hiring Managers the ability to Search

** 12/7/2010 - Added Job Board Accounts report dataset

** 11/2/2010 - Added Use SSL job board setting

** 10/26/2010 - If add new job/application field, don't set Last Modified date for all records - Added User Access to job search / filter

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