How do we create a Job Requisition?

Here are the steps to create a Job Requisition:

Create the Job Workflow Stages (e.g. Hiring Manager Review Pending, Finance Review Pending):

Use these stages to set up Job Workflow Actions (e.g. – Pass Hiring Manager Review or Fail Hiring Manager review with start stage ‘Hiring Manager review pending’ and end stage set accordingly.

Will it automatically contact next person in chain? If so, then it needs to be set up as follows:

Set the Stage to Hiring Manager (owner / notify) and assign the Hiring Manager that is needed to the job.

Note if multiple hiring managers are assigned to the job, they will all get this notification. It may be better to initially set that up.

Another scenario is if the same managers are going to review all jobs, then you can create a stage called Approval One and assign “User: User Name” to (owner/notify). They get all notifications about all jobs. Do the same for any other stage you need. This would be the easiest method.

You can set up additional job workflow stages to accomplish approvals. The biggest difference is that the Hiring Managers do not have the ability to enter in the job information. The recruiter/admin would need to enter the information from a manual form. However, they could create the requisition form in the Library and email it to the manager via ApplicantStack. Once the manager returns it, the recruiter could create the job. The job stages would look something like: Draft, CFO approval, HR Director approval, CEO approval, open, closed, etc. The request for approval would occur sequentially instead of concurrently. A notification would go to the CFO, who can approve or Decline, if approved is clicked, the request for approval would automatically go to the next approver designated in the Workflow, and so on. So once the new Workflow Job Stages have been created and put in the correct order, the Action buttons for the stage would be created and notifications turned on.

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