Hire Detail Page

To see the Hire Detail page, Select the Hires name from the Hires Tab here:

The Hire Detail page provides detailed information about the employee / hire:



For Information about Add Hire, Search, Export, Email Hire, Add Task, Add Checklist, Add Note, & Print see Hires Tab


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You can edit any of the information in the Hire General Information Section: 


General Information

The General Information section provides the information imported from ApplicantStack Recruit and / or from the information manually added to the Hire information section.  


You will also notice any attachment(s) added to the Hire will be included here - which can be viewed by selecting the document link or the folder icon.  You also can delete the attachment by selecting the red "x".

 Reorder Sections

The following sections (User Tasks, Hire Tasks, Completed Forms, Completed Questionnaires, Assigned Supporting Documents, Emails, Notes, and History) can be manually reordered to make the most sense for you by selecting the green bars to change the display order.  

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Hire and User Tasks

You can also Add a Task by choosing “Add Task” from the yellow Action Menu Bar:

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  • Template: Choose Task Template – Select a Task Template from the list. These are found in the Library/ Tasks

  • Task Name: Enter a Name for the Task.

  • Task Type: Select a type for this task

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  • File: Choose file. This will open up an option to choose the file that goes along with this task (i.e. Read Employee Handbook)

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  • General: A general task (i.e. Order a laptop; organize team meeting)

  • Questionnaire: Choose this if task is to fill out a questionnaire. If so see Library/ Questionnaire section for more information. Library Tab This will open up an option to include the questionnaire:

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  • Assigned To: Select an assignee who will complete this task

  • Send Notification: Select if this task Assignee should receive an email notification of task.

  •  Sort Tasks / Reorder tasks

You can change the order of the tasks by selecting the three horizontal green bars to reorder the tasks and then choose "Submit."

  • Add Form

Forms are created in Library/ Forms and can also be created by contacting ApplicantStack support.

Selecting “Add Forms” brings up a dropdown menu where you can select to add a Form included in your Library:

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  • View All Tasks

  • Filter Tasks:

Changing the above filters to "All Tasks" will display all tasks including those that are complete:

The Status bar indicates how many items are complete and the total number of items assigned.  You will also see more details under the Status column: